Mark Moxom is the founder of the Snack Box Diet System and author of the associated amazon best selling book ‘The Snack Box Diet’ as well as a number of other books (three best sellers to date inc two #1’s) and numerous videos, podcasts and articles.

For the last 30 years he has been living a life free from medical intervention and has be an outspoken advocate of using diet and other natural ways to keep healthy and maintain a disease free way of life.

Before Mark got really fat

Once a keen weight trainer, a change in lifestyle caused mark to balloon to over 260 pounds (120kg). See photo to the right. Mark tried many diets in order to lose the excess weight but soon found that many of them were flawed and eventually had to devise one that worked for him.

In doing that, he found that there were three main keys to successful weight loss and by fully using each one of those he successfully lost the flab and has been living at his normal weight for the last 15 years.

During that time he has helped many people get healthy through his publications and on-line video programs. Many have asked Mark to give them something they could follow and refer to in order to follow his successful fat loss methods more easily. this has resulted in a number of books such as “Guaranteed Diet Success’ and ‘Easy Exercise for Fat Loss’

His book ‘The Snack Box Diet’ is a further refinement of the many techniques Mark has developed over the previous decades. For more details go to the Snack Box Diet page.

Mark knows the weight loss ‘industry’ has lost it’s way and needs changing. For to long it has been run by those who’s sole interest is in making money rather than helping people get fit and healthy simply, easily and safely and he is dedicated to helping everyone with a weight problem to do just that.

“Thank you for tell the truth, its about time someone did”

Lake (You Tube Commenter)

He has come to understand many of the secrets to successful weight loss – things that many of those in the industry either don’t know or are not willing to share and so he is determined to redress that balance and put the practical information people need back into their hands through books, videos, seminars and training.

“Your videos are informative and inspiring…”

Mme Vittoria

Having taken his research further and deeper than many of today’s diet guru’s to find out why people put on  weight in the first place, Mark has used his deep insight in to the psychology of weight gain to help people in new and effective ways.

Some of the things you can learn from Mark include:

  • How to find out what foods you SHOULD be eating
  • How to determine what foods you must avoid
  • How to use your mind to help you succeed
  • How to train your body into wanting to eat less food
  • How to incorporate exercise into your day so it’s no longer a chore
  • How to use food to reverse many health problems
  • How what we eat affects how long we live

And much , much more

Mark looks forward to helping YOU get fit and lose fat and encourages you to use the information he has available to do just that

As he says..”The right food can make the difference between a long and fulfilling life life or a shortened one filled with illness and pain”