Label Are you eating in the dark? Sitting at the kitchen table, lights off, fork in hand, chewing something that tastes like chicken. Your spouse told you it was chicken. It must be chicken.

This scenario sounds ludicrous. I know. However, if you are not checking the nutrition labels of the foods you’re eating, then you are not too far away from the description above.

One of the first steps to effectively managing your weight and health is to know what you’re eating. Not just the literal recollection of what you ate, like a slice of pizza for lunch, but what I’m referring to is the knowledge of the ingredients that make up your food. And also knowing the nutrition facts like fat and sugar content. “Once you begin the habit of checking the labels on your food, you will have more control over what you are eating and can then better monitor your calorie intake and health,” according to public health professional Aimee Trudeau. This is a necessary habit for personal health management.

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