Once a dieter has made a decision to go on a diet and then decided which diet they want to try – it seems at that point they switch off their brain. It’s almost like they get the book (sometimes) read the smallest amount possible until they find what looks like the ‘instructions’ and then launch themselves into their new dietary orbit hoping that the diet is going to work this time.

Now I know that that description is not you. If I’ve learnt anything it’s that readers of this particular website are normally much more eager to find out as much as they can in order to understand their diet and do it better.

You know… from the feedback I get. The folk who I speak with like you, are normally  the ones who answer questions about their chosen diet rather than the ones who are asking the questions.

That puts you in the 10-20% of people who have what it takes to see the diet through and be successful.

I’ll bet that you’re not only successful in your dieting either.

I don’t have to guess this.

It is a statistical fact of human nature that people who are successful in mastering their bodies are often successful in mastering their careers and other areas of their life too.

Now it may be that you have not noticed that correlation before. But go ahead and have a look over your life since you took charge of your physical well being and notice in how many other areas you have become more productive and  seen improvement.

Now give yourself a pat on the back because you really have moved into the top echelons of human achievement.

Either by design, searching for answers or luck. You have found one of the most important secrets for success and have tapped into what is the key reason why folk either succeed or fail on diets or in any other area of life.

Whichever path you took, encouraged by whatever motive, is not an issue. The point is you have arrived at your destination. Or at the very least know exactly where your heading and have been marking off the mile stones as you have progressed.

The crucial part is that you have understood and used, either knowing  or unknowingly, something so  effective and powerful that if you consciously decide to harness it’s power you would be unstoppable in every area of your life.

It’s this something that dieters I spoke about at the beginning don’t begin to appreciate let alone use to succeed. Not because they are too stupid, or uneducated. Not at all. It’s because the diet does not list this as a most essential ingredient. It’s not on the list of supplements or exercises.

You won’t find it in many of the indexes or in the FAQ section either.

It’s is simply the power of


So many people have begun a diet with only the vaguest idea of why they want to diet. They have great intentions – but no real motive.

If there is no motivation then things quickly grind to a halt.

You on the other hand, may already be an expert in this and may not even know it.

Now you have had it brought to your attention – How much more successful are you going to be if you use it consciously?