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I’m looking to start a low carb diet ASAP as want this weight off have about two stone to loose can anyone tell me what the best diet is to follow would fruit for breakfast soup/salad for lunch and meat and veg be good to have and snacks on fruit?


My comment:

Hi lwilk1987,

Firstly, congratulations on deciding to start your journey to fitness. You’ve already taken the most difficult step and that’s deciding to do something about your health and fitness.

You’ll find as you start either the Atkins or the South Beach diet that a fruit is a no-no in both of them, really. That’s because as you may have guessed, fruits contain a lot of carbohydrates particularly in the form of sugars. By eating fruit all you’re doing is upset the process of you going into ketosis which is where the body starts using its own stored fat for energy. Quickly you can get into ketosis the quicker you’ll start to see significant weight loss every few days.

Talking of weight loss every few days, you are obviously going to want to be able to measure your progress. My advice to you is don’t rely just on the scales to see how well you’re doing; also rely on your body measurements. You should, before you start dieting, measure around your neck, your bust, your stomach or your waist, of course your hips and around both thighs. Mark down all those measurements and then 7 days later measure again. By doing that you will be able to see clearly just how much fat you’re losing even if from time to time the scales don’t seem to be moving that much.

As ‘nette has said, picking up a copy of “New Atkins, New You” and following the induction phase to the letter will be just the thing that you need to do but equally, providing you follow the induction phase to the letter, the South Beach diet maybe just as effective for you. Personally I would favor the Atkins type of approach as I think that’s an easier one to deal with but that’s just a personal preference.

Once again, congratulations on deciding to take charge of your health. Please do let us know how getting on and if there’s anything in the books you don’t understand you can always come back here for a bit of helpful and friendly advice.

Hope that helps,


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