Weight loss and exercise go hand in hand. In fact – health problems aside –  what you eat and your level of physical activity will determine exactly what kind of body you have… There is no getting away from that absolute fact.

The thing is that with our busy lives, many of us get no time to exercise as much as we should and due to our modern way of doing things – we don’t get the opportunities that say our parents had to do something physical as part of our daily routine.

Some may say that joining a gym is the answer and I could agree, but only in part. It’s ‘an’ answer for ‘some’ people but its the THE answer.

Firstly. There are too many barriers for most people to actually get to a gym. the same things that keep us from doing things around the house or in the garden or with the kids and so on will eventually get in the way of us going to the gym.

I wouldn’t be surprised if you have more then one friend who has a gym membership – but never goes.

Ask around – I dare you!

I’ll bet there will someone you know who has a gym membership and you didn’t even know about it.

Anyway – I digress.

The point is that for MOST people a gym membership is not the answer.

SO… What to do then?

The real answer for most people is to make getting active a part of what you already do. Incorporate it into your existing schedule such that it is natural part of your day to day activities.

If you have a garden or kids or a dog or anything that will get you of the couch and out in the fresh air then that’s great. It’ll be easier for you to find brilliant opportunities to get active.

Of course… If you have a garden and kids and a dog, well you have no excuses now… Use those opportunities to have some fun and get a little exercise while you do so.

But maybe, just maybe your not that lucky. No garden, no dog and the kids are all grown up.

(In that case… Borrow the grand children and take them to the park)

Failing that then here’s a solution for you do some exercises at home. Take just 15 to twenty minutes a day for your self and start getting in shape. And if your not sure how to go about it will we’ve got that covered too… I’ve written a little book to show you just what to do.