Here is a copy of the a post I replied to at Active Low-Carber Forums about eating meat

WereBear wrote: 

So often, new low carbers find themselves eating more meat than they have in years.

For many, this is simply permission to eat as they have always wanted. For others, especially those who have been avoiding meat for whatever reason, it becomes a wrenching transition. It’s very tempting to conclude that we are “natural” vegetarians, or that “they” were right, meat isn’t good for us! or that low carbing is not going to “work” for us.

But that might not be what is really going on. We embarked on low carbing because we wanted to change things; our weight, our health, our moods. More change, not less, is what we need to embrace.


This was my reply:

Having just finished my delicious breakfast of eggs and bacon, I have to say I’m in a very good mood and totally agree with WereBear. Yes, she is right, portion size does play a huge part in retraining the way we eat and I find myself continually surprised at how little food satisfies me nowadays especially when I remember eating huge portions of pasta only to be hungry a few hours later and yes, I do love eating meat now. Yet even after I switched to the low diet way of eating, I too found I was still bloated on occasion and that did cause me some concern for quite a while. It was only when I  went back to basics that I really discovered that not only my enzymes were out of balanced but also my stomach bacteria was totally out of balanced  through years of eating pap and useless nutrition.

So being the studious chap that I am, I pulled out all of my notes on how the digestive system works and got stuck into finding the most effective cure for me; and I found it was simply a course of complete probiotics that not only brought my problem with bloating into a swift conclusion, as in the space of three to four days I had a normal stomach again and I have to say, felt much better within myself. I also supplemented for a while with enzymes and I do sometimes go back to those just to make sure that everything is talked up as it should be.

So for my experience, there you have it, if you deal with the enzymes, you deal with your bacteria and as WereBear had suggested, you take account of your stomach acid, you should find that your low carb journey is exactly as it should be, free of problems with your stomach and digestion and free to eat exactly what you know you should be eating.

Hope that helps,


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