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Here are the first series of step by step pictured guide low carb recipes for your low carb diet and lifestyle.

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Meat is still healthy, but like many foods, super or otherwise, the source does matter.

Nothing against Jamie Lee Curtis, but sometimes we’re not in the mood for yogurt — or we don’t have a spoon. These alternative foods will also keep your system on track.

A cup of green tea is a good way to start your day.

Luckily for, um, all of us, sweet treats aren’t completely off limits for the health-minded. And no, we’re not talking fruit salad.

Here’s a fascinating little snippy bit of a story which suggests another use for your favorite probiotic drink. Apparently researchers from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland have been looking at the way that Lactobacillus casei which is commonly found in the human mouth and gut and it should be added is one of…

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Checking the ingredients on any packet of food is something that we should do just as a matter of course and when you’re looking through those ingredients and you start coming across things you don’t recognize, it’s probably time to put that particular food item back on the shelf. Processed food by necessity, perhapsly without…

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When you have been going through the store and seen those tempting organic foods – often on a separate aisle… How many times have you thought “organic foods are too expensive; I can’t afford to go organic”? Maybe you feel it is just too difficult to wade through all the statistics and information on choosing…

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Here’s a short but informative article by Chris Haro found on the Kwik Med site where he talks about artificial  sweeteners and how that they are simply yellow, blue and pink packets of chemicals. There’s a link to the full article at the bottom of this page and I have left in just the natural…

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