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The Snack Box Diet is one of the few to tackle the emotional and mental parts of effective fat loss.

It is true that energy bars often offer nutrients that candies do not: Fiber, protein and, in some rare cases, whole food sources like fruits and nuts and seeds. But this does little to mitigate the extreme levels of sweeteners that make them palatable.

Each day we make as many as 200 food choices. These are influenced by many things, even the folk we’re eating with.Even though each of those choices may only represent a small contribution to our final health – they all add up to making an immense difference. You’ll probably notice that many of our reader’s…

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Low carbers have known the simple truth for many years that a meal rich in protein will help you last between meals without getting an attack of the munchies. Why have the scientists taken so long to catch up? I’ve long maintained that higher protein foods are always going to be the most filling. Mainly…

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