But why Low-Carb?

Low-Carb  is my passion not my profession. Much of what I do in this field is done out of a life long interest but also because there is a need for good quality information about Low-Carb and paleo eating and living.

The fact that I don’t in any way have to rely on what I write and what I say about Low-Carb is what gives me such a great freedom to be able to tell it like it is… And frankly I wouldn’t change that for one minute. it’s a shame that some of the other experts in this particular niche don’t have that same freedom as I’m sure it would give them the ability to write more useful content. Also – I don’t have anything to prove so I can tell it like it is!

The great thing is that what I do for my day-to-day living gives me the tools, channels and the ability to tell other people about the great things a low carb way of eating and living can do for them.


I’m a serial entrepreneur, consultant, publisher and author.

I started on the entrepreneurial path at the tender age of 13 selling ice cold juice to my schoolmates during the hot summers and bought my first retail shop by the time I was 22. As a virtually life long entrepreneur, the benefits that my knowledge and experience can bring to your business goes beyond what you’ll usually find.

I have a profound understanding of how markets work and people buy which has given me the insight to develop new, bold and powerful strategies that can be put into action helping businesses breakthrough the things that have been holding them back. I specialise in joining the dots other people can’t see and finding new solutions to old problems, new markets for existing products or services and new products for existing markets.

I spend a lot of time in France, Spain, the UK and other European countries. And I like to keep fit and healthy through the use of diet and exercise I have had quite a few best selling and #1 books published over the last few years. And it’s true – I do love to cook.

My business interests have included – retail and business computing, building services contracting, property development and management, hospitality, publishing and consultancy. Plus trying retirement a few times.

I’m Now working in Partnership with Brian Richards – we help established  businesses increase their turnover and profits.

Between us we have a combined 70 years experience in business that includes nearly 30 years of internet marketing experience. Simply put, we have a ‘no nonsense’ approach to business and like to keep things as simple as possible. Together we break the mold of just following the staid methods that everyone else is using and give you the innovative resources that you need to create clients for life, ensure long term success and make enormous bounds past your competition.

I firmly believe in providing performance based solutions.