QUESTION:  What do I do when I am still craving carbs?

In general terms, when we have a craving it means that we are thinking about something on a consistent basis.  So you have two choices, you either have to stop thinking about the thing that you are craving, or think about something better.

In the past, I have given people the advice to find out more about what they can eat to increase their knowledge and practical understanding of the different dishes and foods that are available to low-carbers.

That still holds true.

The other thing to remember is that a lot of the things we eat, we eat by habit rather than by need.  Habits are something that are developed over time and repetition.  It’s easier to replace a bad habit with a good habit than it is to try and ignore the bad habit or the behaviour that you don’t want to follow.

One of the most effective ways of doing that is to set yourself a goal – a positive goal – for instance to discover a new low-carb recipe say every other day, and cook two or three new low-carb dishes each week.  This will have the double bonus of causing you to be researching and thinking about something new and different, and also increasing your skill and ability in the kitchen.

In addition to all of that, providing you new and exciting culinary treats which should on the whole take your mind off any type of craving that you had in the past.