QUESTION: What foods do you recommend for a sensitive stomach?

Most foods available to you on the low-carb diet should be OK with a sensitive stomach.  Really the question is ‘what foods are you sensitive to?’  For one reason or another, whether it be through the country that you live in, the culture that you were brought up in, or even the type of food that your family favours – many of us have a tendency to move towards certain types of food.

While many of us have certain types of food that we favour, almost without exception, most of us have foods that we don’t particularly like either. Consciously or unconsciously we tend to avoid those types of foods.  It’s almost as if our bodies are saying to us “Hold on, I don’t really want that, I don’t like it, I don’t need it.”  And if in most cases we would take notice of what our body was telling us, then we wouldn’t have the problem that  many people do have with being sensitive to certain types of foods.

That said, it’s been my experience that it may not be the food that we can be sensitive to. Quite often it’s the additives that are commonly found in the food, or the changes that are caused by the processing the food goes through, that are the real culprits.

So, really, it’s down to you to actually go through what you eat day by day and week by week, to find out which foods you are sensitive towards, and then eliminate those from your diet. At the same time, open yourself up to new types of food that perhaps you haven’t had before.

There really is no point in cutting out a whole range of foods and reducing the amount of choices you have, when there are so many other delicious types of dishes that you could eat in their place.