I know old habits die hard so you have my sympathy entirely. Mine still keep trying to come back to haunt me from time to time too.

I have spoken about this with many over the years. Virtually everyone came to the same conclusions – even though we got there by different paths.

The conclusion was that we needed to deal with the thing or things that caused the habit of eating badly in the first place. So, by way of examples:

Those who were comfort eating had to deal with the cause of that – whether it was a problem at work or home or whatever.

Those who found it hard to resist the tempting goodies in the cooler had to discipline themselves by not having their particular weakness in the house.

Others had to ensure that they had prepared an adequate supply of low carb nibbles so when they got the munchies there was something to nibble on that was good for them.

I’m sure you get the picture.

Strangely enough, the most common starting place for all of us was to begin being honest with ourselves. A second step was the setting of written goals.

The bottom line for all of us (and where things really started moving) was that WE had to DEAL with the cause in a sensible and rational way. Once we had done that – the rest fell into place and under control.

It’s only you who can determine where the problem lays and then only you can can find the best solution to it. After all no-one know you better then you know yourself.

Lastly, remember you deserve the best for yourself.

So never give up and never accept second best – Life is better when you reward yourself with success!