Bone marrow from a child with leukemia before (left) and after (right) chemotherapy. Chemotherapy causes an increase in the number and size of the fat cells in the marrow (white ovals). These fat cells have a large amount of an enzyme (glutamine synthetase, which shows up as brown in this picture), allowing them to produce glutamine and potentially feed nearby leukemia cells. (Photo: Business Wire)








Not many people realize that apart from the physical problems, being overweight can make you more likely to suffer from ther far-reaching health problems.

Now if you as an overweight person visits your physician or doctor, they are much more likely to talk about how being overweight is bad for your heart than anything else. What they won’t tell you, maybe that’s because it’s not something widely broadcast even in the medical profession, is that being overweight means that you are more likely to suffer with cancer.

The thing is I suppose if you have a heart problem due to being overweight, well you can lose the weight and for most people their heart problems will also disappear as the weight drops off. Unfortunately that is not the same with cancer.

Here’s a fairly technical article, I must admit, from the Los Angeles Children’s’ Hospital. It should be noted, I have got quite a reputation for investigating cancers particularly as you might have guessed, in children. Not only do they have statistics to show that obese people are more likely to have cancer than lean people, they have taken their research as stage further and up to a certain point of proving that this is true.

Follow the link below to find out more.

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