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sunnydesertday posted:

It’s a wonderful way to start losing weight and eventually changing a lifestyle. Adjusting to Atkins may be a challenge, but the results are worth every struggle. Eventually, lower carbs can become a way of life and no longer a challenge. And carbs are returned, to a certain point.  Atkins does not necessarily mean high fat. I prefer lower fat, as well. I don’t have to have bacon with my eggs or on my hamburger. Also crucial is portion control, no matter how or what one eats. Many of us would be better off with smaller portions and small snacks.

My comment:

There is no doubt that the low carb diet is a wonderful way to start losing weight and as that weight is lost, obviously, our lifestyle would change because there are so many things that we can start doing our excess weight stopped us from doing it in the first place. So, I would agree totally with sunnydesertday, Atkins, or any low carb diet for that matter, is really a wonderful way to start losing weight. Adjusting to any low carb diet is a challenge but we can minimize that in so many ways.

One thing I’ve noticed that many people concentrate on when they start any diet, but particularly a low carb diet, is that they start concentrating on all the thing they can’t eat and instead of enriching their diet or taking the challenge, they actually start to limit the amount or the types of food that they eat…. “Because you can’t eat anything but potatoes and you can’t eat anything with rice and you can’t eat anything with bread”, and all those sort of things. However, if we were to take a step back, and accept what so may regard as a challenge, then quite frankly, what we can eat is far  more likely to become varied in so many, many ways. Let’s face it,  when was the last time you decided to buy a different cut of meat from the one you always buy, or buy a different  type of fish to the one that you buy most of the time? When was the last time you walked pass a vegetable counter in your supermarket or hypermarket and thought “Oh that looks different, I think I’ll try that!”

I’m sure you see where I’m coming from. The simple fact is that, yes, any new diet can be a challenge if we allow it to be so but it can also become a wonderful opportunity to try new things and simply dare to taste things that we’ve never tasted before.

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