In truth how much we weigh is really only an indicator of excesses. It’s no indicator of how we as an individual should be that’s because our actual weight can be determined by huge range of things. Height is an obvious one then there’s frame size, bone density and inherited body composition. That in turn will be influenced by our medical history, our history of exercise practice and on a very basic level our ethnic origin.

So you can see that with those nine or ten factors an ideal weight for each of us compared with our height means very little except as I said to show if we are over the top.

However in order to address the problems that you are talking about, probably the most efficient way of dealing with things like belly fat and so forth is exercise particularly exercise done whilst in ketosis as part of it’s self preservation “reprogramming”, the body will not allow muscles that are used regularly to waste but it will obviously require nutrients in order to maintain effective muscle strength and even growth.

During ketosis it will most effectively obtain that from body fat or rather I should say excess body fat. So if you want to re sculpture your body stay in ketosis, follow a sensible exercise regime that covers most of your muscle groups and allow your body to use the excess fat in order to supply your body’s needs. Within a very short time you’ll notice that belly fat disappearing and the body you can be proud of taking its place.

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This is a copy of the recent comment I made on forum post about weight loss

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