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Mintaka said:

I am excited. I got a reading of 80 mg/dL, which is one box shy of the deepest purple!

History: My first try at Atkins was in late 2011/2012. I lost 15 lbs and then for one reason or another went back to carbohydrates and gained the weight back. I never got into ketosis, and only registered mild ketosis.

This is my second try at Atkins and during induction I only lost about 4 lbs, which indicated I was metabolically resistant to losing weight. I only got into mild ketosis on Induction this time too. 

What changed it all was the Fat Fast! I have been doing the Fat Fast (Fat Fest!) for 10 days, and have been going into purple ketosis. I hope it translates into weight loss!

How often do members test for ketosis?


My reply:

Hi Mintaka,

You know I’m excited for you as well. You just keep doing what you need to do in order to stay motivated and if you’re keeping the carbs low then the rest will generally look after itself.

I noticed you mention a lot of times in your posts that you are weighing yourself and that you’ve lost 4 lbs in 10 days, well done for that!

I also noticed that you have been stucked at the same weight for weeks and weeks on end in the past. One thing I would therefore suggest is that you don’t just rely on measuring your weight but you also measure your body using a tape measure as we can’t forget that whilst you may be losing fat you might be actually be gaining muscle but of course the scales just don’t know the difference.

In order to measure yourself properly, as a bare minimum you should measure around your neck, around your bust, around your waist, around your hips and around both thighs. You only need to do that once every seven days in that way you can see exactly where the weight or the fat rather is going from and as those inches slowly go down, you’ll have even more to rejoice over and be motivated by.

Hope that helps,


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