Here is a recent post at that I have responded to regarding fat loss and how to avoid gaining it back again

Grace wrote:

How To Avoid Regaining Your Lost Fat Losing weight is one of the toughest tasks. You have to sweat out to lose a considerable amount of weight. In fact, sweating out is not the only thing you have to do, you may have to do many other things as well. If you managed to lose weight, then you should consider yourself lucky and you should thank yourself for putting the required effort and time.

However, you could not afford to relax after shedding your body weight. You should not consider the weight loss forever. After losing the weight, you may regain the same. The chance of regaining is very high as well. Then, is there any way out to avoid regaining the lost weight? Yes, if there are ways to lose weight then ways are there to stop regaining the lost weight.


I responded:

Grace is right, we can’t afford to relax after we’ve lost a lot of weight. In fact, we should remain vigilant and still eat the same way that we ate in order to lose the weight in the first place. After all, like she says, the chance of regaining weight is quite high if we go back to the old ways of eating, that’s obviously given.

But frankly, there is something that we should all look at. That is simply, why did we gain weight in the first place. If that hasn’t been tackled then it will be far too simple for us to get back into old habits. Let me give you an example, I gained weight because I was in a bad relationship and I was simply comfort-eating. It wasn’t until I faced up to the fact that the lady I was with at that time was causing me more emotional turmoil than emotional gain and did something about it that I could go on to successfully change the way I was eating and therefore start to lose weight and keep the weight off.

So, in addition to what Grace has already said, I would encourage you to simply look at why you put on weight in the first place, deal with that and then you will find both weight loss and keeping fit and trim far more easy now and in the future.

Hope that helps,


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