The amount of time you revel in wonderful moments of joy, contentment, inspiration, laughter, love and learning will be directly proportional to your health, happiness, success, satisfaction, productivity and fulfillment! Maintain a healthy outlook through the power of a positive thought!


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Cleanse the Soul. For the same reason you wouldn’t go a week without a shower, you shouldn’t keep a week’s worth of mind clutter stored up in your grey matter. Do easy meditations daily in the shower to clear your mind, open yourself up to new opportunities and prepare for a simply fantastic day!
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Brush Up. Do a daily affirmation twice a day in the morning and at night when you are brushing your teeth. Say it aloud through toothpaste suds or silently in your mind, “I am masterfully creating my ultimate life. Success and health (or sub in what you desire) comes naturally to me.”

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Be Active. Don’t just stand around and let life happen to you. Every time you walk to the car, think about tiny actions you could take to move you closer to achieving what you truly desire. Keep a notebook to jot them down before you start up the engine. Watch each baby step start to exponentially propel your life forward.

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Dress Up. Just as you might think ahead or lay out your wardrobe for an important meeting or date, prepare your mind for important events. Focus on how you want to feel and set your intentions and be very specific on what you’d like to accomplish.


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