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Post from Myers728:

I haven’t been hungry for 5 days now, but I am not losing weight? What gives? I thought that ketosis meant weight loss. Maybe I am not in ketosis then or maybe after 3 wks my body needs time to adjust. Needless to say I am frustrated.


My comment:

Hi Myers728,

Yes 17 lbs in 20 days is really good!!!

When I first started I was losing about a pound a day and you’ll find there are many other people who do roughly the same so it’s not unusual as I have said I was way before. 

Just judging your success by weight alone is not the best way of doing it.  You need also to take measurements particularly if you’ve got any increase in exercise. Talking of an increase in exercise, you may not even realize that this is happening because as you have more energy, so the change in diet, things that used to be a chore just becomes second nature even without us realizing it. For instance you might be walking slightly quicker. You might be bouncing up steps in the stairs whereas before you were plodding. I’m sure you get the picture.

That is why it is important to make sure that you measure yourself at least once a week around your neck, around your bust, around your waist, around your butt and around both thighs because that way even if the  pounds aren’t falling off you’ll notice the inches disappearing which will assure you of your progress.

Hope that helps,


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