I love Indian food but many of you are right.  Chefs do add quite add a lot of sugar in order to get the taste that their customers like.  Anglo-Saxons do have an undeniable ability to gain a sweet tooth very quickly.

The best way of getting a safe carb count on any dish like that is to make it yourself from fresh ingredients. Most Indian dishes are not hard to do although they may require a bit more time than many because meats in particular require marinating in the sauce but of course the great thing about making it yourself is you can swap in and swap out anything that’s not on your particular permitted list.

If you do want to eat out then it might be best to find a restaurant that you like and then have a chat with the chef and ask him to make the dish as close as he can as possible but without including any of the high carb ingredients.

We actually got to know the proprietor and the chef of our local restaurant who has it happened were husband and wife to the point where we were invited to their own home sociably. It was noticeable that the food they cook for themselves was vastly different to the food that they cook in the restaurant simply because they were cooking to traditional taste rather than commercial taste.

The good thing of course is to my mind anyway, the traditional taste was actually much nicer. But what that did mean is that when we ate in the restaurant as we would do so with other friends from time to time that I at least could have the dishes I like made in a way that didn’t cause me any problems whatsoever.

You will find most chefs of most restaurants will be open to the challenge of getting a unique taste from a more basic set of ingredients. Don’t be shy about asking them if they’re willing to do it for you.  Many of them will be that is of course if you don’t want to make it at home.

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