Cover_PageHello and welcome to another new edition of Low-Carb Mag

Since making the magazine free last month we have been absolutely astounded at the amount of people who are now downloading it.

Our daily download rates have gone up by nearly 10 times which is phenomenal. I am really, really pleased that we have managed to get to the free download stage of our evolution sooner than expected as that means so many more people who want this information will
be able to get it.

Also – this month we’ve taken away the need to give your email address or anything like that in order to download the magazine – it is totally free and open for everybody to download from anywhere you want.

If you have a website please feel free to use the embed code on your website. And if you’d like us to make you an official partner just send me an email and we’ll put you on our official partners list – with a link back to your website. There are some serious advantages
of becoming an official partner.

Our next great piece of news is the Low-Carb Paleo Show has finally started. This is a light hearted look at the world of Low-Carb and Paleo – but with some seriously useful information all mixed into the format.

You won’t want to miss it!

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