Here’s a fascinating little snippy bit of a story which suggests another use for your favorite probiotic drink. Apparently researchers from the University of Ulster in Northern Ireland have been looking at the way that Lactobacillus casei which is commonly found in the human mouth and gut and it should be added is one of the most common ingredient used in many probiotic drinks is affecting the way that cancer tumors grow.

According to their research L. casei as it’s often known could actually inhibit tumor growth. If this is found to be true it obviously opens up a huge range of possibilities of how these bacteria that are generally safe to humans can be used to treat tumors from the inside.

So far the researchers have grown the bacteria in small beads immersed in a growing solution and their understanding today is that the bacteria produced certain molecules that appeared to be toxic to cancer tumors. Wanting to test this further still, researchers then injected this encapsulated bacteria into the tumors of mice that had cancer and apparently the bacteria significantly inhibited the growth of the tumors within the mice.

Obviously if this research tends out to be of further merit then it holds great promise. Of course one of the best ways of diminishing your chances to develop cancer is to follow a low carb way of living. This has the advantage of diminishing the amount of sugar and other carbohydrates that you eat which are the food that cancers thrive on which like a good probiotic is food for thought.

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