Another comment  I made on a forum post about a study on how a vegetarian diet can cut the risk of a heart disease


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It does bring out one of the most glaring admission by people who do studies like this.

The simple fact is that vegetarians have made a conscious decision to control what they eat which often goes hand in hand with deciding to look after their health. For them that obviously involves not eating meat to a greater or lesser extent. But because they’re doing it to look after their health, they are probably taking other measures as well.

Most of the vegetarians that I know have given up smoking, drink in moderation, many of them though not all take vitamin and mineral supplements but an even larger number try and eat organic which means they’re not getting the whole raft of poisons in the form of hormones, drugs, pest control chemicals and so on that people who don’t make the decision to do something with their health will continue to get.

I genuinely think this is one of those cases where the unmeasured factors that I have just mentioned probably play a far greater role in the improved health of the ones who decided to look after their health than many people think.





Link to the Oxford Study

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