130049385391lWrOAs far as buying beef goes I prefer my beef to be naturally raised without any additives and in fact the same criteria hold true for eggs.

The first criterium I have is that the farmer has raised them on natural food because if you think about it in both cases, not so long ago farmers didn’t have the choice or the need even to put additives in their food because the food they were giving their animals was better quality.

For my mind the whole thing about Omega-fed beef, Omega 3 eggs or Omega 3 anything is really a moot point. What’s far more important is that the diet the animal received during its life was as close to 100% natural as possible because let’s face it, if we are short of Omega 3 or anything like that we can take the supplements directly far more effectively and that means that we won’t have to pay stupid prices just because the egg or the beef or the whatever has got Omega 3 all over the label.



A copy of the comment I did on a forum post about Omega 3

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