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There are of course a huge range of protein powders available on the market and all of them do have quite high protein content and there are some that only use whey as the source of protein which is obviously good and I would totally agree with Janet, don’t take anything with soy protein. It interferes with the way our body works on so many levels. It really should carry a health warning.

The only problem with commercially made whey protein mixes is that they do contain a lot of artificial sweeteners. When I say a lot I mean a lot, things like dextrose, maltodextrin, sucralose, sucrose and so on. So while you might be getting your protein you’ll be getting lots of other things that you don’t really want.

You can of course make your own protein shakes which you can base on nice full fat raw milk. If you want something thicker you can use yogurt or green yogurt, add to that some cottage cheese mainly because that contains the protein casein and some lauric. You can add to that something like some sort of nut butter, peanut butter for instance or even almond butter. Now with those ingredients you could literally put everything in the jar and shake it up but if you want to add some low carb fruit or something like that, I would suggest you use a blender to make the mix. Now as it is like that it won’t be very sweet so if you’re looking for something sweet add some Stevia or a good quality stevia extract and voila… you have your home made, ever so tasty, guaranteed natural protein shake!

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