How Can I Get Fit and Lose More Fat?

Without a doubt you can find many different types of diet that will promise you the earth but not deliver.

And the chances are that if your looking at this page then you have already tried to lose fat but for one reason or another – it has not gone the way you’d have liked it to have gone.

Now it doesn’t matter what diet you have tried in the past – or even if this is the first time you have wanted to lose some excess fat – There are a whole host of things you need to know about why some diets just won’t work.

Lets have a look at some of the most common diets around and see how they compare

Low Calorie Diets

Low calorie diets are supposed to work by artificially cutting down the amount of ‘fuel’ your body gets in the form of food. It sounds good in practice – after all the body will store a lot of the excess foods we eat as fat.

Yet the thing that so many people forget is the simple fact that our bodies are hugely adaptive. If you stop giving your body the nutrients it craves it will adapt and start to guard the fat reserves it has as a protective measure. So the bottom line is that you can never lose only fat by deliberately starving yourself.

Low Fat Diets

These have been popular for the last few decades and it seems a new version of something very similar comes out each month. Yet when you look at what they say – it’s like the ‘experts’ are just recycling the same old tosh except with more glitz and gleam.

But, if Low Fat Diets are so good – then why are clothing manufactures having to increase the the ‘average size’ in there range of cloths? And why are health providers having to spend more on obesity related illnesses?

The short answer is that low fat diets don’t work anywhere near as well as their promoters would have you believe. If they did work – people would not keep getting fatter and fatter.

What about Weight Watchers?

I have got a lot of time for Weight Watchers as the idea behind some of what they do is quite sound in many ways – particularly the part where they make you accountable for “being good” during your week when you have your weight recorded during the weekly weigh-ins.

They obviously promote a much slower form of weight loss (which is good) and you can’t deny that for some people Weight Watchers will indeed work – how permanent weight loss is is difficult to say.

Delivered Diet Meals

A more recent form of dieting is one where you have a box of ‘diet’ meals delivered to your door on a regular basis. Again, this sounds like a good idea as you have someone – like a nutritionist design a meal plan, the meals are then made under strict food preparation standard in a commercial kitchen or factory and delivered to your door for you to heat up and eat.

However, you don’t have any control over what ingredients are used in the meals and with some – you still have to add in your own vegetables and so on.

They can prove to be very expensive too.

So those are just some of the contenders in what you could consider as choices for a way to lose fat.

But before we go any further we need to tackle something head on …

Why Has Your Weight Become a Problem?

Firstly, if you’re like me then you have a friend who can eat exactly the same amount as you do and maybe even more, yet not seem to put on an ounce of excess.

The main thing that should tell us is that we are all individuals and as individuals we need to eat the foods that are best suited to us as a unique person.

Customs, habits and traditions of the societies that we live in have encouraged us to eat particular types of foods in certain ways and at particular times of day. And simply put, the foods eaten, preparation methods and the traditional meal times may not be ideally suited to the way OUR bodies work as an individual.

As an example, eating a big meal late in the evening has got to be totally daft. After all, you’re filling your body up with “fuel” yet not giving yourself the opportunity to burn that fuel by doing anything more strenuous than sitting around for a while and then sleeping.

The Three Keys to Successful Fat Loss

The three keys to successful fat lose are…

  • Finding out which foods YOUR body needs as an individual
  • Determining what is  the best time for YOU to eat them
  • And understanding exactly what quantity of food you should eat

Obviously, that’s a little simplified and each point can be more fully refined – but it does give you the main points to consider

Now we’ve understood this we can see why low-calorie diets don’t work.

The body will simply adapt to burning fewer calories each day and produce hormones that will encourage the body to not only hold on to the fat that it has already – but also increased the amount of fat that is being stored day by day .

Whilst there is an apparent weight loss, the simple fact is these that you will be losing muscle fibre instead of fat. The net effect of these diets is that you are left feeling weak and feeble and get no where near the amount of fat loss you might be expecting.

By the same token, low-fat diets will be equally as ineffective.  But here the reason is slightly different.  It is assumed that fats are bad because they provide too many calories.

Added to that is the scary bit that says that the bad fats you eat will eventually end up blocking up your arteries. Yet what is often forgotten is that our bodies require specific nutrients that only fats can provide. Particularly animal fats! (sorry vegetarians).

The only thing our bodies can do in an attempt to obtain  satisfactory amount of those nutrients is to encourage us (through the feeling of hunger) into eating more. But obviously, in so doing we will  consume a vast amount of stuff we don’t really need just to get what our body requires. And the excess will in many cases be stored as fat. And even then, the body may still lack the things it requires for good health.

What About Low Carb Diets?

Actually, when done properly (and the emphasis is on the word properly) low carb diets can be some of the most effective ways of losing fat. But they’re not without their problems.

The simple fact is, is that there are a small proportion of the general population (about 3%) for whom a strict low carb diet is not ideal. That’s purely down to the way their metabolism works — don’t forget everybody is an individual. But for the rest of us low carb diets can be very good indeed.

That said, some people find low carb diet quite restrictive – particularly in the early stages. Which is one reason why a number people find them difficult to get on with – which is a shame in many ways because they work.

Some people also find eating out on a low carb diet is a bit of a challenge and while that’s true, it’s not necessarily something that can’t be overcome with a bit of planning.

So we have spent the last few minutes looking at what doesn’t work so perhaps now is a good time to find out about what does work and why.

What a Good Diet Needs to Have

Obviously we need to overcome the problems that are inherent in the diets we’ve already looked at. What we need is something…

  • That doesn’t starve the body
  • Provides an adequate level of nutrients
  • Has a range of foods that are interesting to eat and tasty too
  • That helps the body to burn fat
  • That gives us plenty of energy
  • That is easy to deal with when we eat out
  • And gives us the results we want

It’s at this point that many people would say well you might need to use drugs or supplements or something like that to get these type of results. And strangely enough, they’re almost right.

But it not something made in a laboratory that will do the job though.

In the same way that the body can be encouraged to produce fat storing hormones by say, starving it — it can also be encouraged to produce fat burning hormones by giving it the food it needs.

And once you know how the body works then getting your body to do this is actually quite simple.

Here are Three Things You Need To Do …

  • Give your body the right type of foods – ones that it finds satisfying
  • Feed your body when it needs that nourishment
  • Reduce the foods that will interfere with process of losing fat

Food is meant to be enjoyed, it’s not meant to be your enemy. And by eating the right foods in the right way you can not only enjoy the food you eat but also use that food to help you lose weight once and for all.

Rather than fight your body into submission. (A battle you can’t win by the way) It’s obviously better to work with your body to accomplish the same ends – I.E. getting fit and slim.

It really is a question of getting to know how YOUR body works and then using that knowledge – along with a range of useful and effective techniques – to magnify the effects of what eating good food will do for you.

The things you will learn by following The Snack Box Diet will help you do just that.

But, Before we go any further. I do hope you have found the things we have looked at interesting and useful. If so, then I would like to give more of the same quality information Free of charge (Even though the ebook this information is based on has been on sale for $29.95)

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Why am I so Confident?

Well, in a nutshell – I use it myself so I KNOW it works. And I have been eating this way for years so I have ongoing proof that it’s not some fad, fluke or temporary fix. And it’s different from all the other diets out there in that it simply works.

Here’s Why The Snack Box Diet is Different

The Snack Box Diet Has…

  • Interesting food to eat
  • A new recipe each day for five weeks – That’s 35 tasty and exciting dishes
  • It’s simple to follow
  • There’s minimal preparation time each day
  • You Just eat what’s on the list for the day
  • Quick to prepare
  • Minimal cooking
  • You can use ‘Ready to Eat’ ingredients if you want
  • Use ‘in season’ food if you want
  • A weekly shopping list is provided
  • It puts YOU in control of your nutrition
  • It helps you learn about your body and what it needs to be the fittest and healthiest it can be
  • It will encourage you to eat for health as well as enjoyment

What Else Makes The Snack Box Diet so Effective?

It’s no wonder the this book became an Amazon Best Seller… Just on the physical side The Snack Box Diet is a head and shoulders above the rest. But where this diet truly comes into its own is in another crucial area.

The Snack Box Diet is one of the few to tackle the emotional and mental parts of effective fat loss.

We go the extra mile and give you the tools you need to make dieting something you really want to do. We help you find the things that cause mental and emotional blocks that for many people rob them of the astonishing success they could have if only they had that little bit of extra help.

With the Snack Box Diet, you get that help in an effective and no nonsense way.

So You Might be Wondering if This is Really as Good as I Say it is.

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And I’m also going to let someone else effectively hold on to the money until you have had time to prove to yourself whether or not this diet will work for you

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