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Hi Myers728 ,

You’ve had some pretty good responses from all the previous posters.

You have what I have often term as “carb creep” which is where we more or less follow the diet as we are supposed to but we get to the point where we start to add things to it and little by little the actual amount of carbs that we’re consuming gradually creeps up to the point where we are no longer maintaining a steady level and we can flip flop in and out of ketosis.

Many people seem  to think that ketosis is like a switch, it’s either on or itself but it’s more like a valve  that can be fully opened or fully closed but also somewhere in between the trick is to try and maintain it as fully open as possible as much of the time as we can and to be frank the only way we can do that is to keep at or around the magic 20 grams, I say at or around because for some people, in fact make that most people, can be a little  bit more than 20 grams, some even up to 50 but for a few it can be a lot  less.

So just to reiterate whatever anyone else has said be vigilant about how many carbs you actually are consuming and  follow whatever plan you’re meant to be following to the tee without either adding anything in or taking anything away.

Hope that helps,


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