Image 4 Sprouts are very special. Sprouts are live food, comprising essential and balanced nutrients for alive people, as life proceeds from life. Life and health go together. Good health is precious. A lass I was speaking with, summed it up so well, saying, “Our body is such an exquisite gift”. What a wonderful and thought provoking statement. Every person needs to work at maintaining health, therefore, we need to learn all we can about nutrients and how the body functions.

My interest in sprouts began over 30 years ago, when I read a riddle that fascinated me. It caught my attention and started my
interest in wanting to learn all I could about sprouts. The riddle went…

What will:
• grow in any climate at any time of the year
• that requires neither soil or sunshine, but is still rich in
vitamins and minerals
• has not been subject to chemical sprays while growing
• is extremely economical and in preparation has no waste
• rivals meat in nutritive value
• can be grown indoors within a minimum amount of
• multiplies 400% or more in 5 days
• matures in 3-5 days…

the answer… sprouts!

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