Being a child of the 60s I grew up with everything being sweetened, with tons and tons of sugar. And of course in later life that didn’t do me any good.

Thankfully in my late 20s I realized what this was doing to my body and decided that the two spoonful of sugar in my tea and the two or three in coffee had to stop simply because when you add up how much sugar I was having each day, it was probably somewhere around 40 teaspoonfuls and that of course doesn’t include what was in the food that I was eating.

According to this article by Victoria Lambert, the average person consumes around about 238 teaspoons of this potentially toxic substance each and every week. And she asks the question; just how hard is it to go sugar-free? Well thankfully, she also answers it as well.

So do follow the link below and find out how you can get sugar-free or at least drastically cut down something that is probably ruining your health.

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