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Here is a great video from a recent event “Women. Meditation. Stress” held October 8, 2013, at the Paley Center in New York City. It features many successful women speaking about how Transcendental Meditation allows them to reduce stress, enjoy mental clarity, and “shred” their to-do lists in an effortless way.

Being able to out-bike your boyfriend feels pretty damn good — until later when you have to ask him to open a jar of peanut butter for you because you have zero grip strength.

‘Tis the season for completely losing it. The holidays are a worry-filled time for a lot of people, but it turns out that you might be partially to blame for your own pre-eggnog anxiety.

The poses, breathing and meditation in a yoga class may do more than help you relax and feel centered. A review of evidence shows that it might relieve low Back Pain as well.

If you’re feeling completely confused about whether you should cut fat from your diet, you are not alone. But here’s the bottom line: Fat does not make you fat or sick.

Older adults can boost their brain health by engaging in aerobic exercise, according to a new study.

On today’s episode of Meghan TV, Amber Joliat, founder of Misfit Studio and featured teacher on the Wanderlust circuit shares an awesome 5-minute yoga flow that you can rock in the morning, in the way that feels just right for you! Do it!

When you’ve been in the fitness industry for a considerable amount of time, it becomes very clear that shoulder-joint health is super important.

Researchers from the University of Dundee, University of Bristol and University of Georgia found that the more time teens spend exercising, the better they tend to do on tests for English, math and science.

Body fat: It’s soft, it’s squishy and it gets a bad rap. But fat also plays a vital role in keeping our bodies running smoothly. We store extra energy in body fat. It keeps us warm and provides padding for our interior organs. And it secretes chemicals that play a role in appetite and helps regulate menstrual…

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