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Half of all UK seven-year-olds do not do enough exercise, with girls far less active than boys, a study suggests.

Think of the digestive system as the pistons of an engine – to get the most amount of energy, and to ward off future illnesses, it’s important to keep it running right.

Activities such as dancing, reading and going to the theatre have a “positive impact” on the health of Scots, new research has suggested.

What you should know if you think you have leaky gut syndrome.

At some point during the Low Carb weight loss journey, nearly everyone experiences a slowing down or a halt in weight loss.

You have a mind of your own. Doctors can’t know everything. Perhaps some people trust doctors a little too much. They expect miracles and then blame the doctors when things turn out to be less than what they imagined. That’s not fair to you or the doctor. So here are a few simple things to…

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Obesity may be a risk factor for the frail bone disease osteoporosis, a study suggests. US researchers have discovered that some people who are overweight have hidden fat inside their bones that could make them weak and prone to fractures. The Harvard Medical School team in Boston did body scans on 106 obese but healthy…

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After years of studying older folks, a scientist tells us what it takes to age well. We asked Luigi Ferrucci, MD, PhD, scientific director of the National Institute on Aging, for three critical factors to a long, healthy Find The Right Stress Level A little pressure is actually good for you. “If you never have…

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Yes it’s true!! One FULL magazine issue for FREE!!! Low Carb Mag is a monthly healthy, diet and lifestyle magazine that provides information and inspiration to help you live a better, healthier and more fun low carb lifestyle Download the free app on iTunes today and then select the issue you’d like to download…. as…

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Gym rats, listen up. If the summer weather has enticed you to take your fitness routine outside, you need to make a few adjustments. The experts at American University say heat stroke is just one strenuous workout away. – Start by planning your outdoor exercise during the coolest time of the day, early morning. If…

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