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The community of bacteria and other organisms that lives in our intestinal tract — known as the gut microbiome — has co-evolved with us and can be considered a symbiotic partner helping us perform everyday functions, such as eating our lunch.

For the past 75 years we’ve been bombarding them with antibiotics without realizing that when we were shooting at the bad guys, we were also hurting the good guys. And the rising incidence of chronic conditions from obesity to asthma to allergies may be the price we are paying.

In order to kick gut problems to the curb for good, I invite you to do an experiment — with yourself as the subject — to find the root cause and get rid of your symptoms once and for all.

Yogurt has earned itself a reputation as a true health-food superstar. But know this: “Yogurt can turn into junk food really quickly,” says Caroline Kaufman, RDN, a nutrition expert in San Francisco and an expert panelist for the Health Must-Eat List.

Nothing against Jamie Lee Curtis, but sometimes we’re not in the mood for yogurt — or we don’t have a spoon. These alternative foods will also keep your system on track.

Think of the digestive system as the pistons of an engine – to get the most amount of energy, and to ward off future illnesses, it’s important to keep it running right.

What you should know if you think you have leaky gut syndrome.

The Auckland woman has been suffering from the debilitating bowel disease for the past 20 years. But now she says food is her medicine. “This is a Mediterranean diet and it’s helped from the point of view of reducing symptoms of Crohn’s. My husband just can’t believe the difference. I have more energy than him…

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  Here’s a lit of everything you need to do in order to avoid ketosis breath: 1. Make sure you’re very very very well hydrated. 2. Make sure your digestive system, enzymes and bacteria are well balanced as in take a good quality probiotics, eat yogurt and take enzyme supplements. 3. Make sure you don’t…

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Many of our health concerns will certainly be addressed by following a low carbohydrate diet and we need not worry about it being too good to be true as fairly quickly we will start to see results for ourself that will prove just how effective this way of eating really is in both restoring and…

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