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We are just beginning to understand the biological intricacies of aging. A growing body of research is challenging the belief that aging is beyond your control, prompting scientists to begin thinking about ways we can slow our aging clocks to a slow crawl.

The consumption of organ meats has fallen out of favor in the West, which may be a mixed blessing. Liver, kidney, heart and other animal organs from organically raised, grass-fed animals are some of the most nutrient-rich foods you can eat.

One thing that you might like to put on your list of goals for 2014. That’s that you’ll love yourself more, that you’ll love your body more and that you waste no more time delaying showing that love to the one person who you will be with for all of your life and that’s the person you see when you look in the mirror.

A multiseries step by step guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

There are a lot of misconceptions about the diet, and some variations among those who follow it, but at its core it’s a diet based on healthy animal protein, nuts, and vegetables, with no or restricted grains and legumes, seed oils, and high-sugar fruits and vegetables.

A multiseries step by step guide on how to create wonderful low carb dishes using avocado.

Those without a pre-existing medical condition who are considering a gluten-free diet anyway should know a few things about this diet before making such a drastic change.

A quick and easy avocado recipe… not to mention it’s low carb. Perfect for your low carb diet regime. Satisfying, nutritious and healthy!!

Coming up in this issue we’ve got quite a lighthearted look at the 12 Dishes of Christmas, many of which may leave your mouth watering. We will also look at an alternative to the Christmas turkey, the milk roast or the spit roast pig.

In this particular book we’ve got some recipes and articles that will help you make wiser choices for a thoroughly enjoyable thanksgiving dinner.

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