SodaIt’s not always easy to make healthy choices, especially with fancy marketing and sexy food and drink products everywhere you turn.

But one so-called “healthy” choice you may make is drinking diet soda instead of the regular calorie alternative.

After all, if the label on the bottle says “diet”, it has to be better for you than the real stuff. Right? Wrong! Loads of research shows that drinking diet soda won’t help you fight fat. And even worse than that, the chemicals in diet soda can lead to all sorts of serious health problems, from diabetes, to high blood pressure, to kidney problems, and more. It turns out that the dangers of diet soda are many.

Diet soda is packed with artificial sweeteners that can confuse your body’s natural ability to manage calories. But worse than that, drinking diet soda has been linked to serious health problems. Health dangers of diet soda include: continue reading

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