gymI used to be quite a keen body builder when I actually changed  to eating low carb during what I could consider was the peak of my bodybuilding  efforts and I found that my stamina and endurance actually got better through eating low carb. 

However I must point out that I was doing most of my exercises whilst my body was in ketosis that way it could make full use of any stored body fats as it required them.

So the question is are you in ketosis? Because whether you are or not will make a huge difference when exercising for an hour or so. If you’re not in ketosis but are happy with the way that your weight loss is going I would suggest that you only exercise for half an hour as quite frankly that’s more than  enough providing you are challenging your body sufficiently and up the speed and or weights that you are moving.

One of the best exercise systems I can suggest for low carbers is Al Sears’ PACE system. It’s a far more rational system than any other I’ve come across and works with the body to promote muscle growth and fat loss.

This is just another one of my comments on a forum post about exercise

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