Here is a copy a recent comment I made on a forum post about artificial sweeteners


This is something that might interest all you sweetener-using addicts.

Most of us of course are far too young to remember rationing during and after the war but one housewife’s trick was to add a pinch of salt to any recipe that required using sugar because that meant the sweetness was enhanced which for the cook having to prepare food under rationing meant they could use less sugar and for the sweet tooth addicts amongst us means that we can use less sweetener. Of course you’ll have to adjust the amount of salt you use because just as each one of us has a different level of sensitivity to sweetness so too we have a different level of sensitivity to salty taste.

One of the most effective ways I’ve found for finding it is each time you make something add just a tiny bit more salt until you get to the time where you can just taste it and then go back to the quantity you previously put in for that particular recipe. On the other hand some people actually prefer the slightly salty-sweet taste that you get when you can just taste the salt.



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